1. How can I enrol?
  2. Do I have to pre enrol for class?
  3. I need to speak to someone with relation to my class/s?
  4. Will the timetable change?
  5. I’m not sure if I’ll like the class.Can I pay for 1 casual class?
  6. Do you hold exams?
  7. Can I do competitions?
  8. Do I have to wear the uniform?
  9. Do I have to do ballet?
  10. I’m having trouble paying my fees?
  11. Do you have an Annual concert?
  12. Will I have to do the concert?

  1. You can enrol at any time through  this site or via email. It is recommended you enrol as soon as possible due to class size limitations. Re enrolling each term is not necessary but if you chose not to return please notify the school.
  2. We recommend you secure your place in class by registering prior to the new term, particularly for the BASIC classes. Casual spots will be forfeited to confirmed enrolments without notice.
  3. Miss Swanna is available via email or text at any time (prefer this to phone calls whilst at work) & will be at classes during operating times for you to ask any questions you may have
  4. It is possible that some of the classes may be altered for age related and style changes due to popularity or lack of interest.
  5. Casual classes are available, subject to space availability, as we give preference to dancers committing to a 10 week term. Accordingly, we encourage you to watch a class in the previous term to assess if it’s what you are after. We don’t recommend a decision be made about any dance class, based on attending once, as it is unlikely that you will achieve anything with less than 5 or more lessons.
  6. We are now offering jazz exams from 2018.
  7. Some students will be given the opportunity to do solos, duos & trios. This is by invitation only by the teacher.
  8. Yes the uniform colours for our school are black, purple & turquoise. If you choose to wear your own clothing please make sure it is suitable for dance. NO SCHOOL UNIFORMS WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR CLASS - children will be asked to sit out their lesson if they do not wear the correct dance clothing.
  9. We are offering a ballet class  on Monday at 5.30 – 6.00pm only. This is for children from age 7 up.  Thursday ballet class is for students who do competitions.
  10. If you are finding it difficult to pay your fees you need to contact Swanna about this. A payment plan may be available to you. Please do not contact the teacher.
  11. Yes we do and all children are included unless otherwise informed. Costs associated with the concert will be charged  if they do not participate unless reasonable notice is given.
  12. Performing in the concert is not compulsory although the children usually want to once they have spent time learning their routines.  There are costs associated for this – usually two costumes per child, hair, shoes & various other costs.  A deposit is required  in term 2  and will be added to the term account. Final costs will be handed out closer to the concert date.  Tickets are also available at an extra cost & range in price depending on the venue.  All tickets are available on a first come  basis.